Best Apps You can Use during the Pongalfest

First International Pongalfest will take place between the 13th and the 15th of January, 2022. This unusual Thai Pongal celebration will create a harmonious amalgam with the modern and the traditional. The event will be full of traditional Indian folk dances and songs along with such exciting activities as flower arranging, kolam, yoga, and a cricket match. Moreover, you will be enchanted by the melodies of the Rock bands. This is a secret, but we trust you that you will keep it: The world famous American Rock band The Durgas will be there too.

The festival will bring the old and the new. In order to be able to identify yourself better with the festival, you are expected to bring the new as well (we will give you the old, anyways). Yes, indeed, we are talking about your cell phones which have become indispensable parts of our lives. If you believe in the magical healing power of apps, you’ll find our list quite useful. Although these apps can’t assure your way up to Nirvana, they can enhance your Pongalfest experience immensely.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Pongalfest venue will be lighted properly. Nevertheless, reaching your tent from the concert venue may be tricky. Moreover, if you have the urge of walking around the concert venue at night, you may find yourself in front of our elephant. Or you may lose your engagement ring; you have to find it before your fiancée learns about it. Thus, you definitely need this application. The flash of your smart phone easily turns into a proper flashlight thanks to this awesome application. Moreover, it is free; so you don’t have to be cheap about the festival souvenirs that you want to take for your beloved ones. Hotel Reservations

If you are not a camper-type person, you can simply choose our VIP packages to find yourself in a luxurious hotel with all necessaries services which can carry you toward Nirvana. Nevertheless, you also have an option to find your own accommodation if you want to embark on an adventure of arranging your own stay. You can simply download the online application of to search suitable hotels and hostels for you. This application is available on iTunes and GooglePlay free of charge.


If you are going to the most touristic state of India, you have to get prepared since there are huge amount of sights you will need to visit. Tamil Nadu constitutes a home for many Hindu temples, ancient buildings, and natural sights that you won’t be able find anywhere else. Therefore, it is better to download the TripAdvisor application to obtain information about the region to not to miss anything. Moreover, it is free of charge; so you can buy one more souvenir mug in our Marketplace. This application can be downloaded from iTunes and GooglePlay.

Find My Friends

You should keep in mind that Pongalfest will be a huge celebration. There is a high chance that you may lose the track of your friends at some point. You can ask our crew to make an announcement to find your lost friends; or rather ask them to find your lost self. However, your friends might not hear our crew due to the fact that there will be noise. Thus, we advise you to download Find My Friends application to your iPhone to save yourself a lot of time to find your friends for free. In this way, you can attend a dance workshop to learn how to dance like a Bollywood star instead of trying to locate your friends. Don’t forget to ask your friends to share their locations.


Imagine that you have a friend who can’t travel to Tamil Nadu to participate in the 1st International Pongalfest owing to his lack of free days! You can still make your friend happy turning your smart phone into a TV camera thanks to Periscope. This app allows you to broadcast the festival live to your friends for free. They will see the Pongalfest through your eyes. Broadcast the festival and share this unprecedented experience with your friends. Don’t forget: Sharing is Caring!

Tent Finder  

If you can’t find your tent, don’t panic! Your iPhone can find it for you. Tent Finder keeps the track of your tent’s whereabouts. The International Pongalfest 2022 will be a crowded one, indeed. It may be difficult to find your tent among many others. However, you don’t need to worry about the exact location of your tent. Let your iPhone take care of such details while you are enjoying the amazing Pongalfest activities. Your comfort comes with a prize less than a Dollar. Tent Finder can find your car as well. Just pin the item that you want to find later. Once you decide to turn back to your tent or car, the app will navigate you like Virgil of the Divine Comedy.


Pongalfest will offer amazing activities; so you will feel the need of taking umpteen amount of photos and videos. You will definitely need an application to filter your images to render them visually more attractive than Aphrodite. After you master your Kolam skills, you need to share your product with your friends. To sum up, you need Instagram to share your experience with your friends. Millions of people use Instagram to connect with their friends online. Thanks to this free app, you can create your own network and let people know about your Pongal experience.


Southern India is usually quite warm. In order to prevent dehydration, you should drink a lot of water. Oooopppss… You forgot to drink enough water and you feel dizzy. You don’t want to be in such a situation, in our opinion. Therefore, you can download WaterIn for free to remind you how much water you should drink. It will warn you from time to time to remind you of drinking water. You can also see how much water you have drunk so far and how much more you need. You can increase the amount if the weather is too hot.

Festival Ready

Bremajothi Farms will have 3 big stages along with other recreational areas. It is a big tropical fruit plantation. Therefore, you may need an application which can provide you with multiple services such as weather forecast, festival packing list, torch, and navigation. Festival Ready offers these services for free. Just download the application to your iPhone so that you won’t forget any item while packing for the Pongalfest.

First Aid by British Red Cross

In case of a mishap, you are advised to visit the First-Aid Tent which is located at the entrance of the Pongalfest venue as you can see in the festival map. However, if you are far from the First-Aid Tent and you need to find solutions for an unwanted injury, then you need the first aid app created by the British Red Cross. This application is available on both iTunes and GooglePlay. There are videos and adequate information about possible emergency situations. This app can save you from negative outcomes of injuries unless you drive our elephant crazy! To be honest, he is absolutely friendly. However, you shouldn’t rule the risk of a possible injury out and be always prepared.


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