Animal Rides/Mehndi/Elephant Petting

pongalfest elephant

Animal Rides

Get pulled in a Bullock or Horse cart, ride a camel, or pet our lucky Elephant – it is an activity for not only kids, but adventurous adults, too. Plus, being blessed by an elephant is considered an extra boost of luck and happiness! A must-try for anyone who loves animals. Available all day in our Entertainment Area and the Animal Petting Area – will be the favorite of not only the children.

Mehndi Body Paint

If you always wanted a tattoo, now is the time to try out something much, much cooler! Women in India have their bodies decorated with small, enchanting and very complicated designs before celebrations, like weddings and, for instance, Pongal. Now, we bring this festive – and very special technique to you, too. A great way to make your day brighter. Available all day in our Entertainment Area.