Pongalfest Organizers

You know the Travel Scientists, right? They’re the ones who organize the legendary Rickshaw Challenge each year and the ones who gave birth to the Bullathon. Well, not literally gave birth, that would’ve been painful, but you get the gist… Now, led by the Head Travel Scientist, Aravind, they’re bringing you Pongalfest: A Celebration Of the Indian Harvest – Folk & Rock, Art & Dance, Food & Drink. In other words: happiness, dancing, festivities, artsy activities, a full-on vibrant mélange of culture and tradition, all in an exotic Eden-esque rural setting. Oh, and did we mention Elephant petting? With offices across the globe, from Chennai, India to Budapest, Hungary, this international team is putting in their creativity and some serious hours to bring you an event that will be so much more than just a four-day party in India – it’ll be the ride of a lifetime!


The Mastermind Travel Scientist, who comes from a long line of illustrious ancestors in Tamil Nadu. Also a model entrepreneur, he heads many operations at once, like the Elements Hostel in Chennai, the Chennai Garage and he takes special care of your health and beauty with his unique brand of VVD Gold coconut oil products. For over a decade now, he has been the pioneer of new and exhilarating experiences throughout India which started with his first baby, the Rickshaw Challenge. Now that tradition of excitement and joy continues with Pongalfest, and there’s no stopping him!


Multi-tasking, organizing, writing with colorful pens and oh yes, MULTI-TASKING. Maybe some drawing now and then. Vera is the Project Manager of the International Pongal Festival and it’s her job to plan everything to the last detail. Like, which bird should be on which tree at the Pongal Celebrations Venue. When she’s not tapping away like a woodpecker on her laptop, she is jotting down new ideas into her cupcake notebook, managing schedules and the other 100,000 things that need to be done.


Need an advice on something from India ? He will be there for that. He has up to date information on Indian culture and news. If there is a quick idea from India which needs to be implemented, he will have a way to promote it, But careful as there are a 1000 questions which await you as well. He brings the touch to ‘Indian-ize’ this festival to the extent we can.


Media artist, graduated at the St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and TV, Department of Interactive art in 2012 as a Director of multimedia programs. Working at Travel Scientists as designer and programmer on various projects. She’s the master of colour and forms, and is the puppeteer behind our website.


Lifelong festival veteran providing technical assistance and making the tea.