The International Pongal Experience

For the duration of Pongalfest, Bremajothi Farms is going to transform into a remote farm-paradise, where nature will meet endless entertainment.

Along with a vibrant tapestry of local dance, art and music traditions, there will be a number of international rock-folk performances to create a truly diverse scene. For the time of the International Pongal Festival, Bremajothi Farms will transform into a veritable village, with entertainment and activities around every corner. International and local visitors will be surrounded with unique landmarks and breathtaking botanical wonders. There will be such activities as Kolam painting, Make-Your-Own Pongapani, yoga lessons, traditional Mehndi body painting and a smashing adventure park. To help you switch your mind off, we’ll have yoga lessons and relaxing naps once the stars and moon come out of hiding. The scent of grill parties will fill the air and make you yearn for a bite. Animal lovers will find their desires satisfied when they pet our elephant and ride the bullock cart, – a truly exceptional Pongal experience.

Children will have their very own Play Area and will be supervised. You can charge up your daily calorie intake at our Food Court which will offer delicious local dishes, or do some souvenir shopping at our Official Pongal Fest Merchandise Store and from the Marketplace. If you need to catch up with the outside world, visit our Internet Pavilion, or sit back and enjoy the festival in our Chill Zone after cooling off at the Mega Shower. Bremajothi Farms will bring you close to nature, but lockers, mobile chargers and a basic WiFi connection will also be at your service so you are comfortable – this means you get the best of both worlds.

Organized for everyone between the ages of 0 to 105, Pongal Fest will leave you with an authentic, magical Indian adventure to boast about to your friends.